When I had my daughter 8 years ago I didn’t think about how life will change so much, we adapt, we change, we move. Apart from some things that we took for granted before may now feel like a treat. For example a bath without a child knocking on the door, a wee without an audience….There are so many more to add but today I want to talk about implementing some self care.

I started this blog as a way to track my own self care journey. Self care for me isn’t just about a long bath or some make up it’s about my mental and physical health, it’s about learning to breathe and not be drawn back into anxiety.

I signed up to a life coaching/nutritional group and that helps me focus on me. It gave me a start but I wanted to delve deeper too. I took a life coaching course which helped me track my changes and successes, then signed up to the next step. It made me think about how I could help others and it gave me a purpose too. My first step for self care was to step away from so many hours procrastinating and over producing for my clients and learn how to plan efficiently so I would always have a daily hour for me.

So what do I do in this hour? Well that changes depending on how I feel but I was surprised that with a little bit of organisation I could fit that amount of time in when I didn’t feel like I could take 5 minutes for me before!

I organise – on a Sunday I organise my plan for the following week. This includes client work, blog work and gradually a meal plan too. By being more organised in other parts of my life it gave me time to breathe and relax.

I step away – it can be so easy to get drawn into social media and scrolling. I still find it difficult to step away (especially as my business is working around the children in half term) but it is a work in progress. I know if I spend too much time blankly scrolling then I miss out on other stuff.

I learn – I started with a life coaching course and have now signed up to an NLP course for life coaches, writing your happiness story course and a mindfulness practitioner course. I tend to grab them when they have special offers on but for me knowing I have the next course lined up in an area I enjoy keeps me focussed on the end result – being a life coach and counsellor to new mums that specialises in birth trauma.

I read – reading and imagination is an essential part of living. I used to read a book a day and that slipped drastically since having kids. Making sure I use 15-30 minutes at least to read everyday really is good for the soul. It sets a great example to the kids too!

I breathe – I put music on, sit and listen. Music and dance is a huge stress relief and one thing you can share with the kids too. Yoga is also a great opportunity to place self care into not only your own space but the kids space too. My boys have both had yoga class at nursery and I think starting this with them now can only be a good thing for their own mental health as they grow up.

So could you fit any of these things into your daily life to make you feel better?

So I suppose this is me starting this blog over. I hope that you stay with me on the journey. You can find me using the #selfcarewithkids and #dailylifeedit tags over on Instagram for daily updates.

This year I have spent a lot of time on my own self care. It can be so difficult as a mum to think about ourselves and making sure we are well with physically and mentally. I have tried a lot of organisers, products, short and long term solutions. I have found systems that work for me and I thought that coming up to Christmas it was a great opportunity to discuss a few products that are perfect gifts for those that need to think about themselves more and find their own ‘me’ time.

These products are all committed to your self care so why not open your mind to me time ready for 2018!

Reading: The SuperMum Myth

This book is fab at starting to unravel why, as mums, we often feel guilty. This book supports you through your mama journey with mindfulness tips and CBT techniques that I have found quite helpful. This is an ideal gift for a new mum and should be high up there on the first step of feeling like you are completely unique and normal too!

Organising: The Law of Attraction Planner


I often use a bullet journal or similar to plan out my day and time but this is the perfect planner for me. It isn’t cheap at £27 BUT it has all the aspects of a bullet journal, mindful planner and much more. I love using it and actually feel less anxiety and stress when I am using it properly. I am also saving time and that means I get to do things for me without feeling any guilt.




Skincare: INFINatura Cura Oil

I dont know about you but I feel good if my skin looks good too. I have been using INFINatura Cura Oil on both my face and hair to give myself a healthy beauty boost! I love that it smell isnt overpowering and it makes my face and hair feel like they’ve had a boost of goodness with our greasy residue after. I will say Gav is even using it too! It is great to hydrate our skin after a bashing from winter winds!

INFINatura Cura Oil has a unique blend of eight 100% natural oils, including Camellia, Argan, Red Mandarin, Bergamot, Sunflower, Crambe Abyssinica, Geranium and Vitamin E. INFINatura Cura Oil contains Squalene from natural plant oils, which helps to rejuvenate and plump the skin. Squalene is also known

Relaxation: Olverum Bath Oil

If you are looking to embrace a luxury spa feel at home then you can’t go wrong with buying Olverum. This is literally heaven in a bottle. The smell is divine and you don’t need to lavish loads in your bath so it will last quite a while. This is a firm favourite of mine already and gives me such a sense of calm during a long soak.

Sex: The Little Dipper

I have found that as a mum we talk about sex less. I mean it is obvious that we do it – we have made the kids!) But postnatally we seem to push sex to the side and it is a fantastic stress relief too! This little kit is a perfect private stocking filler and I’ll be honest if I got this in my stocking I would be thrilled! I haven’t lost my sensual self since becoming a mum and it can take a while to reclaim that area of your life. Don’t be afraid to talk to your partner and even if you have to book in a night a week just getting your sex life back can feel like an amazing thing. Just because you are a mum doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself too! I am going to talk more about life after becoming mum in the new year over on DailyLifeEdit.com.

Celebrate: Shorn Sparkling

At the end of the week I toast myself to say ‘Yes, I got through it!’ Hopefully with a few changes I will still be celebrating my success’ and with a bottle of Fizz on a friday!

So can you commit to self care in 2018 too?